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*Discount off Dodo usage rates on auto payment plan when paid on time
Existing Electricity Customers Only
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Electricity and Gas

Switch to Dodo Power & Gas and receive the same electricity and gas you've always enjoyed plus a generous discount off your usage charges when you pay on time.

How it works

Your electricity and gas will continue to be delivered via your current distributor but with Dodo Power & Gas as the company that bills you. The switching process is straightforward without any disruption to your service.

How we bill

Based on the information you provide us, we will calculate the estimated cost of your bill. This amount is then charged to you in monthly instalments. Weekly and fortnightly instalment options are also available. Payment is made via credit card or direct debit from your bank account. Please note that we will bill you separately for electricity and gas.

Meter readings

Each time your meter is read, which is typically every 3 months for electricity and 2 months for gas, we calculate your usage and bill you for the charges. Any usage that is over your accumulated monthly instalment payments will be deducted from your nominated account.

Please note: As your gas usage is likely to vary dramatically from the summer to winter months, your gas instalments will be calculated on a summer instalment (October - March) and winter instalment (April - September).

Terms + Conditions

#30% pay on time discount is made up to 20% + 10% bonus when electricity is bundled with gas on an automatic payment plan (Victoria only).
Excludes certain locations and meter configurations. Some concessions deducted from usage before discount applied.