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Monthly Plan

Dodo Talk Voice Plan
  $4.90 per month
(Total price is $117.60 over 24 months plus any usage
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Dodo VoIP to Dodo VoIP calls - No Charge
Super Local calls - 9c untimed Click here to check if a call is a Super Local Call
Standard National calls - 9c per min
Standard Mobile calls - 30c per min
NOTE: When choosing the number for your VoIP service, please be aware that if you choose a number that is in a different zone to your standard telephone zone, you will be charged as if you are located in the zone applicable to the number. Eg if you live in Melbourne (area code 03), and you choose a number commencing with 02, you will be charged call rates as if you were located in the 02 telephone zone.

Additional Plan Add-Ons

Untimed National  - 9c untimed standard national calls ($5per month)
Flat Rate Mobile  - 30c flat rate mobile calls for the first 5 minutes ($5per month)
Untimed International  - 10c untimed to 25 international destinations ($5per month)
Only $10 per month - Choose all 3 monthly add-ons.



Purchase Hardware

No Hardware
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Delivery Method: $24.90

Address: 484 Clayton Road, Clayton, VIC, 3168
NOTE: If you have chosen the 'Pickup' option for hardware purchases, you should call Dodo on 13 DODO (13 36 36) prior to collecting the items to ensure that the stock is present at Dodo's premises and ready to process.
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